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Zing® All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is safe enough and strong enough to meet the cleaning needs of our schools, hospitals and restaurants. Zing® All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is proven to be a superb cleaning power for hundreds of applications in industry as well as around the home.

Zing® Testimonials

Thank you for bringing Zing to my attention. After using the sample you provided, we discovered that your product was a prefect fit to clean our recently renovated PURE hypo-allergenic floor. This floor is specifically design for travellers that have concerns with chemicals, air fresheners etc. The room attendants that service the rooms are pleased that the product not only lives up to it's cleaning claims, but leave a pleasant, light fresh fragrance. My assistant Rossana was experiencing itchy eyes when ever she used our regular cleaning solution, but after using Zing, her itchy, watery eyes cleared up. We will continue to use Zing and look forward to using the product in different applications.

Phil Jaynes
Director of Housekeeping
Hyatt Regency Vancouver

Attention: Zing Mfg Ltd.
We have been using the Zing cleaning product for about 6 months now and are very pleased with the results. We mixed 10:1 and used with cold high pressure water or hand wipes; heavy grease is removed easily. If hot water is used, it the mixture can be diluted to about 50:1 Mixing 80:1 in a spray bottle, we wipe down all our rental equipment quickly and easily. Zing leaves no streaks or dust on desk tops and office equipment.

Mickey Brumpton, Manager, Sunrise Rentals Inc.

Re: Zing Mfg Ltd.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Zing Mfg Ltd. They have serviced our facility for the past four years. During this time, we have found Zing to be second to none. Specifically, I am particularly appreciative of the quality of the cleaning product and the multiple uses it has.

BC Restaurant Chef's Association

Dear Sir,
We have been using your product now for 6 months and are delighted with it. We use it for all cleaning purposes and also for cleaning carpets. What we like best of all is that it is organic and environmentally friendly, and therefore it is not controlled by WHMIS and does not need to be labeled as such. I wish to congratulate you on a great cleaning product.

Director of Building Services, Trinity Western University

Dear Sir,
Just a short note to say how pleased we are with your concentrated cleaner "Zing". Since we have started using Zing, our bakery cleaning problems have disappeared. Even chewing gum is no match for Zing. Your product has performed just as promised and the fact that it is food safe is a real extra benefit. Thanks again,

Donald A Dixon, President-Cinnabon

Re: Zing Mfg Ltd.
Port Moody Chevron first started using Zing cleaning products six years ago. During that time, we have found it indispensable. In an environment such as a gas station, a quality cleaner is essential. Zing meets all our requirements whether cleaning heavy duty grease and oil cleanup or light cleaning in-store. By diluting Zing appropriately it becomes an all-purpose cleaner without parallel. A spray bottle of Zing is always within reach of our attendants for quick efficient cleaning of counter tops, windows and pumps.

Kelly Griffiths, Manager, Chevron Canada

To Whom it may concern,
I would like to recommend the product, Zing for removing spots on carpets, sinks, etc. We have been using Zing AP-004 for the past 13 years in housekeeping and are extremely pleased with the results and safety for staff and guests.

Best Western Hotels Canada

Dear Sir,
I thought the best way to write this letter about the product Zing would be to use the comments of the custodians who use Zing in their daily work. These comments are taken from their evaluation forms when they were first testing Zing last year.

Removes Unpleasant smells from toilets
Uses far less product then the other products

At the ratio of 1:40 removes nail polish, felt marks, rubber heel marks, urine stains from urinals rims (no other product has done this)

You can damp mop larger area of floors – Zing holds the dirt in suspension very well
A good all-round cleaner
A good floor cleaner, not slippery on tiles
Like to use it because it is safe

W. Craigie-Manson, Supervisor of Operations
Board of School Trustees of School District #14 (Southern Okanagan)

To Whom it may concern,
We have used Zing organic all purpose cleaner-Degreaser-Sanitizer for 15 years, it has saved us a considerable amount of money.

Ladies World Gyms Vernon

Re: Zing Mfg Ltd,
Organic Zing is a great product!

Town of Chase

Re: Zing Mfg Ltd,
We love that Zing is organic and saves us a fair bit of cash!

Okanagan College

Re: Zing Mfg Ltd,
We love using Zing. It works great.

Catholic Churches Okanagan Thompson


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